Welcome eInstruction TurningPoint 5.2 Release Low to No Bandwidth Digital Assessmwnt ResponseWare mobile learning solution provides educators and students the ability to teach and learn with devices they are most familiar with. Maximize your Academic ROI with highly effective professional development developed by Turning Technologies. Turning Foundation can help you use multiple sources of funding to aid grant applications to help achieve student outcomes.
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Response Technologyfor K-12 Students

Response technology allows educators to engage and assess their students while improving the learning environment. Through real-time formative and summative assessment, educators are able to track student progress, collect data and immediately gather results. Technology for teachers in the classroom has transformed from novelty to necessity that changes how educators demonstrate concepts, assign projects and assess progress. Classrooms are no longer lecture-driven with chalk and chalkboards. Response technology has redefined lesson planning, communicating and understanding.

Turning Technologies' student response systems provide educators with the ability to actively engage students and easily assess student achievement - even the shy or non-participatory students. Simply ask a question and students respond using our durable easy-to-use ResponseCard clickers. Turning Technologies offers educators maximum system flexibility and scalability - matching the unique needs of your learning environment and specific assessment and testing objectives. Use Turning Technologies' student response systems for formative assessment and frequent progress monitoring in order to promote data driven differentiated instruction and to meet the learning needs of each of your students. Our technology is the ideal tool to implement educational and pedagogical best practices effectively. Research proves that student response can result in 15 point gains in student achievement. Achieve your educational goals with Turning Technologies' student response technology