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ResponseCard SDK

Developed in Java™ and .NET for maximum application flexibility, the ResponseCard API also allows developers to integrate ResponseCard response technology into the rapidly expanding world of web-based applications. The open ResponseCard API will enable a variety of applications to take advantage of ResponseCard hardware and provide a proven response technology solution for your end users.

"Our award-winning and patented hardware solutions in audience response technology are a proven game-changer in collaborative applications that promote learning, teamwork around the world, and engaging experiences. We believe that making our hardware available to your solutions via an API gives your organization another lever in value-creation and opportunity for growth. Please contact us to learn more about this opportunity to bring audience response technologies to your products and services."

Mike Broderick, CEO
Turning Technologies

Many applications, particularly assessment applications, require a one to one ratio of computers to students/participants. However, often times this ratio is not available in learning and training environments. Schools and organizations that do not have an adequate supply of computers will be able to reap the benefits of assessment products that integrate with Turning 's ResponseCard technology.

SDK Bundle Kit

Other integration examples include training simulations, polling/survey applications, and the voting markets. Focus groups and market research firms will also be able to integrate ResponseCard technology into their data collection solution, and higher education institutions can take advantage of the hardware technology in their own application development. The SDK is available via application to approved developers and content providers.

The ResponseCard SDK consists of the following: