Enhance safety training with TurningPoint

TurningPoint interactive polling software has the power to transform even mundane safety trainings into engaging and effective learning opportunities. It offers an array of features including real-time polling and scheduled surveys and assessments, easy tracking of results and the ability to respond with either clickers or mobile devices. Mobile responding capabilities make TurningPoint ideal for both in-person and remote trainings, while the scheduling feature allows for asynchronous sessions that employees can complete at any time.

Webinar: Make your OSHA training interactive

Join us for a webinar on best practices for integrating TurningPoint into your safety trainings. Troy Hackworth, founder of Consolidated Digital Publishing, Inc., will share what he has learned from decades as a safety professional, creating hundreds of safety courses, games and PowerPoint presentations.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How Mr. Hackworth uses TurningPoint in training programs
  • How to create and run an interactive polling presentation
  • How to generate reports and save session results
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It’s fairly simple to integrate. It’s another way to be able to get the participants engaged and to provide a knowledge check and a concept check.

Skipper Kendrick
President of Kendrick Global Enterprises, LLC
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Skipper Kendrick

It’s a fun way for them to check their knowledge. It’s hard for guys who work in the street all day to come and sit in class, so I try to add a little levity. It’s also a good checkpoint for the Training Team, making sure that we are doing our jobs – and that the employees walk away with the knowledge they need.

Mary Kinnear
Supervisor of Training and Compliance, New England Utility Constructors
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Mary Kinnear standing in front of training sign

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