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In order to fully utilize TurningPoint and ExamView software, a Turning Technologies account will need created and a subscription is required. To obtain your subscription, contact sales for a complete experience with our solutions.

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The latest version of TurningPoint offers one, simple interface for polling in PowerPoint, polling in any application and self-paced polling. TurningPoint is an easy-to-use desktop polling application tied to a cloud-based interface available for Mac or PC. Software is translated for Arabic, Chinese, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Spanish and Swedish.

In order to fully utilize TurningPoint software, a Turning Technologies account will need created and subscription is required. Government, Military and Rental customers, please contact your representative for proper downloads.

IMPORTANT: Please note that TurningPoint v8.0 is NOT backwards compatible. For example, if an instructor has v8.0 on their desktop and goes into a lecture hall with a podium computer that has v7.5, it will not work. Anything created in v8.0 cannot be used in older versions. However, anything created in older versions of TurningPoint can be brought into TurningPoint v8.0 and slides will work successfully.

Student Apps

With TurningPoint student apps, learners can respond to interactive TurningPoint questions with any web-enabled device including smartphones, tablets, laptops or desktops. Students can respond through web browsers by visiting or through Android™ and iOS® apps available for both phones and tablets.

Presenter Apps

With TurningPoint presenter apps, instructors have remote control access of TurningPoint presentations when using the PowerPoint or any Anyhwere polling environments through the use of Android™ and iOS® apps.

Download OptionsRelease DateVersionSize(MB)NotesDownload
TurningPoint Mac03/14/20177.5.5.3116.00Release Notes for
TurningPoint Mac (Pre-Production)02/02/20178.0.0.62115.00Release Notesdownload
TurningPoint PC Install04/12/20177.5.8151.50Release Notes for
TurningPoint PC Install (Pre-Production)02/06/20178.0.0143.00Release Notesdownload
TurningPoint PC No Install04/12/20177.5.8115.40Release Notes for
TurningPoint PC No Install (Pre-Production)02/02/20178.0.0109.00Release Notesdownload
Presenter Android App04/03/20121.0.00.00Android PresenterWareGoogle Play
Presenter iOS App12/16/20131.1.00.00PresenterWare iPhone®/iPad™/iPod touch® App 1.1.0iTunes App Store
Student Android App03/06/20172.7.09.27ResponseWare - AndroidGoogle Play
Student iOS App03/08/20172.7.021.60ResponseWare - iOSiTunes App Store



ExamView allows you to create, administer and manage questions for formative and summative assessments. ExamView is bundled with more than 11,900 textbooks from over 65 leading publishers, so chances are it's already in your classroom! ExamView Premium is a mobile application that allows students to take ExamView tests online through any web-enabled device. 

Device Manager

ExamView requires Device Manager which will automatically load and operate in the background of your computer when running ExamView. Device Manager establishes a communication between ExamView and QT2, QT, NXT, Pulse, Spark, CPS Gen2 and CPS IR clickers.

Note: If you currently have Device Manager on your computer, select Check for Updates. If available, a newer version of Device Manager will automatically install. If you do not have Device Manager, download it below and install on your computer.

Learning Series

Learning Series is a library of educational content that features more than 15,600 unique, high-quality classroom assessment questions aligned with today's learning standards and Common Core curriculum. Questions are organzied by K-12 English Language Arts, Reading, Math, Science and Social Studies.

Student Apps

With the ExamView app, students can respond to questions with a web-enabled device including smartphones, tablets, laptops or desktops. ExamView web allows students to respond through browsers via PC, Mac and Chromebook by visiting

Download OptionsRelease DateVersionSize(MB)NotesDownload
Device Manager Linux02/28/20177.7.0.540.90Device Manager Linuxdownload
Device Manager Mac02/28/20177.7.0.589.50Device Manager Macdownload
Device Manager PC02/28/20177.7.0.592.90Device Manager PCdownload
ExamView Mac02/27/201711.183.00ExamView Macpurchase
ExamView PC02/27/201711.142.00ExamView PCpurchase
Learning Series Samplers11/10/20151137.94ExamView Samplers Release Notesdownload
Student Android Phone03/03/2017142.00Student Android PhoneGoogle Play
Student Android Tablet03/03/2017142.00Student Android TabletGoogle Play
Student Chrome OS03/03/201710.52Student ChromebookGoogle Play
Student iOS Phone03/17/201716.90ExamView Student iOSiTunes App Store
Student iOS Tablet03/17/2017145.60ExamView Student iOSiTunes App Store
Student Mac02/28/2017184.70Student Macdownload
Student PC02/28/2017142.40Student PCdownload


Poll participants simultaneously in multiple, remote locations using RemotePoll. Results from response devices are instantly collected with a receiver and tallied from all sites. Data is routed to the presenter via a direct IP connection.  Ideal for multi-site meetings where data or votes are collected.  Easily integrate with existing broadcast infrastructure.

Download OptionsRelease DateVersionSize(MB)NotesDownload
PC - No Install Version09/04/20121.55.00RemotePoll 1.5download

Hardware Updater

Utility used to update the firmware on ResponseCard NXT, ResponseCard XR and ResponseCard AnyWhere devices.
Download OptionsRelease DateVersionSize(MB)NotesDownload
Hardware Updater09/04/20132.0.18.00Hardware Updaterdownload


WorkSpace is a powerful teaching programme for the digital classroom. When used together with DualBoard™,  Touch Board, Mobi View™ and Mobi™, the latest version of WorkSpace provides teachers open architecture so they can work with materials in multiple formats from any source.

*The trial expires after 45 days.  Please contact us if you would like to speak to someone about purchasing the  software. 

If you are using a Touch Board, you will need to run Windows 7 or Windows 8 to benefit from the multi-touch gesturing for the most engaging, interactive classroom experience.  If you are looking to upgrade existing software and using a version prior to WorkSpace v6.0, contact us so we may provide a code that will allow you to upgrade to WorkSpace v6.1.

Download OptionsRelease DateVersionSize(MB)NotesDownload
WorkSpace - Linux11/05/20156.5852.00Workspace for Linux - Release Notesdownload
WorkSpace - Mac11/05/20156.51002.00WorkSpace - Macdownload
WorkSpace - PC02/01/20169.6286.00Workspace for PC - Release Notesdownload

WorkSpace Connect

Turn your device into a mobile interactive whiteboard with the WorkSpace Connect app. Use your tablet to control your desktop computer, facilitate lessons, annotate over content and project materials onto any surface, from anywhere in the room.

The WorkSpace Connect app on your device works in conjunction with WorkSpace software installed on your computer, giving you a remote desktop with access to your lessons, content and tools. The WorkSpace Connect app required the complete version of WorkSpace software installed on your desktop computer or the connection with Turning Technologies equipment.

The app requires the installation of:

  • WorkSpace for Windows v9.1 or above
  • WorkSpace for Mac v6.0 or above
  • WorkSpace for Linux v6.0 or above
Download OptionsRelease DateVersionSize(MB)NotesDownload
WorkSpace Connect - Android11/25/20142.0.1.621.00WorkSpace of Mac - Release NotesGoogle Play
WorkSpace Connect - iOS01/17/20162.1.018.30WorkSpace of Mac - Release NotesiTunes App Store

WorkSpace Language Packs

WorkSpace Language Packs allows users to easily customise the software for global use in 50 languages. Download the latest version of WorkSpace prior to downloading the Language Packs.

Download OptionsRelease DateVersionSize(MB)NotesDownload
WorkSpace Language Pack - All02/01/20169.6.0762.00Workspace for PC - Release Notesdownload

WorkSpace Content

These installers include the Workspace Content and sample Workspace lessons. Included in this content are thousands of learning objects for language arts, math, science, social studies and art.  Download the latest version of Workspace prior to downloading Workspace Content.

Download OptionsRelease DateVersionSize(MB)NotesDownload
WorkSpace Content - Linux09/09/20154.0.0.5513.00Workspace for Linux - Release Notesdownload
WorkSpace Content - Mac09/09/20154.0.0.5512.00WorkSpace of Mac - Release Notesdownload
WorkSpace Content - Windows09/04/20154.0.0.5520.00Workspace for PC - Release Notesdownload