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TurningPoint mobile app

With our mobile app, participants can use any web-enabled device to view and respond to a full range of interactive question types in real time. Whether using a phone, tablet or computer, mobile responding offers the same experience for all users.
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Screenshot of TurningPoint web app in browser on mobile device

Respond through the web

Quickly and easily open a web browser for the ability to respond to questions on any web-enabled device.

Respond through mobile

Download the TurningPoint app on smart phones and tablets for Android and iOS devices.

Respond to everything

Answer interactive questions in real time or take self-paced assessments, evaluations and surveys.

Woman using TurningPoint app on tablet

Ask more of your device

Meaningful communication

Presenters and instructors can message individuals or all participants at any point in the engagement. Presenters can send mobile notifications at any time and encourage participants to answer questions in real time.

Visible learning

TurningPoint can receive responses from up to 5,000 participants at any location through the mobile app during a session. Responses can be collected to involve everyone by simply using their mobile phone.

Receive every response

When using the mobile app, questions, images and graphs appear on the users’ screens to ensure each participant is able to view the material at hand.

Enjoy mobile polling in every environment


Employees can participate with ease using their own devices during orientations, trainings and meetings.


The TurningPoint app allows for real-time polling without the hassle of distributing and collecting physical clickers.


Mobile responding is included with every subscription, so students can enjoy using their own devices at no additional cost.


The TurningPoint app allows participants to respond to real-time or scheduled polls from anywhere with a Wi-Fi connection.

Maximize investments

Engage and assess participants with familiar devices they already own. Get started with TurningPoint today!

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