Use data to drive success

Access vital information with detailed, easy-to-understand reports

Make data-driven decisions

Comprehensive reports quickly organize and highlight pertinent information that you can use to build stronger lessons, better serve your customers and improve company culture.

Improve communication

Dig into our detailed reports, and use the collected information as the basis for meaningful conversations, both one-on-one and organization-wide.

Track progress

See at-a-glance which learners have mastered the content and which need assistance. Further, maintain compliance with regulatory bodies by tracking completion of mandatory assignments and trainings.

Evaluate effectiveness

Discover the strengths and weaknesses of your classes and trainings, and use those insights to make necessary adjustments.

Leverage organization-wide reporting

Monitor usage, track attendance and measure participation across the board with TurningPoint’s easy-to-use administrative reporting features.

Only 23% of employees strongly agree that their manager provides them with meaningful feedback

Gallup, Inc. (2017). State of the American workplace. Washington, DC.

Gather data effortlessly from your participants through TurningPoint, then use reports to further review the data collected.

  1. Select a course.
  2. Choose your content.
  3. Run an interactive session.
  4. Select a report to analyze data.