Easily assess your audience

Frequent assessments are an excellent way to enhance the learning process

Administer short quizzes at any time

Assessment for learning, using tools like daily quizzes and interactive questions during lessons, helps to improve retention and provide insight into learner understanding.

Use immediate results to encourage lively discussions

Seeing how everyone else in the class answered a question can liberate learners to participate. This works especially well to open a dialogue on potentially controversial subjects.

Grade quizzes, mid-terms and finals instantly

When TurningPoint is used for exams, grading is complete the moment participants hit submit. Question types include multiple choice, numeric response, short answer, hotspot, and more.

FERPA-compliant software ensures data is secure

Keeping your data safe and secure is a top priority. TurningPoint employs industry best practices to ensure end-to-end security, so that you never have to worry about the security of data.

Studying by itself isn't as helpful as you might think

Adding repeated testing to the learning process has been shown to enhance long-term retention by 19%

Karpicke, J.D., & Roediger, H.L. (2006). Repeated retrieval during learning is key to long-term retention. Journal of Memory and Language, 57, 151- 162.

TurningPoint offers multiple avenues to assess your participants, including real-time results and pre/post-assessments

Real-time results

Gaining immediate feedback from your participants allows you to tailor instruction to their needs. It also provides your learners with an understanding of how their knowledge of material compares to their peers.

Schedule pre- and post-assessments

You can use the scheduling feature in TurningPoint to easily assess your participants before and after your presentation.

Self-paced testing

Build a self-paced test, administer it and review results—all within one platform. Participants can utilize our mobile app to respond or our QWERTY-keyboard clicker.

Want to give TurningPoint's assessment capabilities a try?