Schedule interactive assignments

Engage learners and make an impact after hours

Check comprehension prior to class

Interactive assignments motivate learners to do the reading, highlight which points are most important and support active learning techniques like peer instruction and flipped classroom.

Assign interactive training assessments

Tying assessments to training sessions and employee development opportunities lets you evaluate knowledge retention and track completion. Even better, employees can complete the work at any time.

Send discussion questions after class

Learners are often hesitant to speak up. Open-ended homework questions allow them to communicate in a low-stress way about what they found confusing or what they want to learn more about.

Conduct a survey on class opinions

Send out surveys related to the subject matter – for example, gathering students’ thoughts on the first amendment for a constitutional law class – or even conduct mini-evaluations of the class itself.

Active learning has been shown to decrease failure rates by 36 percent.

TurningPoint’s scheduling features provide a variety of options for engaging your learners on their own time

Meaningful participant notifications

When you schedule an assignment, your participants will receive a push notification that a polling session is open.

Schedule assignments at any time

Our scheduling feature allows you to engage with your participants at any time. You can schedule pre-assessments to gauge prior knowledge, post-presentation reviews to reiterate important topics, or even schedule a test over material covered.

Hotspots add another layer of interactivity

Does your content work best as an image? Then adding a hotspot is a benefit to your participants. Ask a question with an image and have participants tap a correct answer area. Our hotspot question type is used frequently in medical-based content as well as safety trainings, allowing for a visual confirmation of retention.

Gather honest feedback using anonymous response

Sometimes content can be uncomfortable to talk about amongst your peers. Or maybe you want an opinion without bias. Marking a question anonymous on an assignment lets your participants answer without fear of repercussion—you get the data you need and your participants get peace of mind.

Want to give TurningPoint's interactive assignment capabilities a try?