Improve engagement with live audience polling

Hold their interest, enrich learning and give everyone a voice

Capture everyone's attention

Fight short attention spans and stave off boredom with a variety of question types – including multiple choice, short answer, numeric response and hotspot – sprinkled throughout a presentation.

Support active learning

Active learning is a powerful way to improve understanding and spark excitement. Live polling makes it possible to seamlessly integrate techniques like gamification, team-based learning and peer instruction.

Overcome participation anxiety

For many people, raising their hand to answer a question is an intimidating prospect. Using response technology makes that worry disappear and inspires lively discussions.

Make lightning-fast adjustments

Don’t let a sea of nodding heads fool you. The instant data from TurningPoint live polls reveals participants’ true level of understanding, and lets you adjust your lecture accordingly.

Take a vote

TurningPoint live polling is an ideal voting tool for everything from simple team decisions like where to get lunch to important ballots cast by governing bodies. Choose anonymous polling or tie answers to individuals as necessary.

How learners benefit from live polling and enhanced engagement


found class more engaging
Learners retained


more information


felt more motivated

What is polling technology?

TurningPoint polling technology allows participants to respond to interactive questions with their own cell phones, tablets and computers, or with hardware clickers. Presenters ask questions in real time by adding TurningPoint slides to a PowerPoint presentation; polling over top of videos, documents and other applications with a floating toolbar; or building question lists directly into our comprehensive web-based platform. TurningPoint also offers a scheduling tool in order to conduct surveys and schedule assignments.

Engage your audience with multiple environments—TurningPoint has the ideal engagement tool for your unique needs

PowerPoint Polling

Building and running a live polling session with our native PowerPoint polling integration is as easy as adding a slide and running the presentation. With a number of question types available, you can be sure to keep your audience engaged.

Anywhere Polling

Do you use infographics or even videos in your presentations? No problem! Anywhere polling allows you to poll over any application, giving you the freedom to choose what’s best for your subject matter. And with the ability to add a question on the fly, you can adjust your presentation in real time.

Web Polling

Want the ease of use of PowerPoint Polling paired with the ability to access your content and results anywhere at any time? Then web polling has you covered—create and track results all from one place. Use our location-based attendance feature to add another tool in pursuit of participation.

Get started with TurningPoint live polling today!