Online polling software solutions

Administer surveys, assign interactive homework, schedule training assessments, and more!

TurningPoint’s online polling software opens the door to interactive learning and engagement outside of a live meeting or class. All results are automatically stored to the web, so you can access them from any device and never have to worry about saving a session file.

What are the benefits of online polling software?

Online polling software benefits both participants and presenters by creating an interactive and engaging experience. TurningPoint online polling software was designed with the help of our clients. With scheduled polling capabilities, instructors and presenters can engage and interact with their participants anywhere at any time. In addition, a variety of question types – including multiple choice, numeric response, short answer and hotspot – ensures flexibility in crafting surveys and homework assignments.

Where can online polling software be implemented?

With the right technology, online polling software can be implemented almost anywhere, from the classroom and the workplace to events and conferences. TurningPoint is a fully mobile, online solution, so you can build and administer surveys from any web-enabled device. Likewise, people can respond to your surveys from their cell phones, tablets or computers.

Who uses online polling software?

Online polling software can be used by anyone with access to the appropriate software and response devices, which can include either a mobile app or clickers. TurningPoint online polls are valuable across a wide range of settings. From college classrooms to corporate meeting rooms, our clients can use this tool to fulfill a variety of needs.

Measure customer sentiment

Knowing what your customers want is the foundation of any successful business. What better way to find out than by asking them directly? TurningPoint’s unlimited online polls give you the opportunity to discover their level of engagement and loyalty to your brand. Send surveys at key points in the customer journey so that you understand right away what they love about your offerings and what you could be doing differently.

Boost employee engagement

How many people do you know who are mentally checked out on the job? Odds are you know more than few since, according to a Gallup, unengaged employees comprise nearly two-thirds of the workforce. Giving employees a voice can counter that trend by allowing them to provide regular feedback that can influence the direction of the organization and bring to light any problems before they become insurmountable. Require identifying information to better track feedback, or make the polls anonymous to encourage candor.

Assign interactive homework

Require learners to complete interactive questions related to assigned readings as a quick and easy way to know who has done the readings and to see problem areas at-a-glance. This allows instructors to tailor lessons according to the needs of each class, and is especially beneficial in supporting active learning techniques like flipped classroom and peer instruction.

Conduct asynchronous trainings

It is often not feasible or even desirable to conduct in-person training for every session that an employee is required to complete. TurningPoint online polls allow employees to complete training assessments in their own time, whether the training itself occurred in a classroom or as part of a self-paced training program.

Distribute evaluations

Knowing what participants really think is vital to understanding what needs to change and what should stay the same. With TurningPoint online polling, it is easy to get this type of valuable feedback after every class, training and event.