Interactive polling apps for audience participation

Let participants use their cell phones, tablets or computers for a seamless interactive experience

As one of the first polling products to allow for mobile responding, TurningPoint continues to lead the way. Now, in addition to real-time polls, participants can use the TurningPoint polling app to respond to surveys and interactive homework assignments at times that are convenient to them. Read on to discover if mobile responding is the right option for you.

What is an audience polling app?

Audience polling apps give participants the power to answer interactive questions, live or at their own pace, using a web-enabled device. The TurningPoint polling app is available for both Android and iOS, or participants can respond by visiting on a web browser. Mobile responding capabilities are included in the cost of a TurningPoint subscription.

How do audiences use a polling app?

Students and audiences can use a polling app any time to answer questions during an interactive session. An intuitive interface means that responding to both live polls and scheduled surveys using the TurningPoint app is an easy process.

During a real-time polling session, when the presenter asks a question, it will appear on the screen of each participant.

Once polling is closed, everyone will see a chart with the answer selections displayed.

For scheduled polls, participants simply click on the survey link and proceed to answer questions as usual.

Where can polling apps be used?

Meetings, training sessions, special events, classrooms large and small – the TurningPoint app is ideal for all of these settings and more. The app is particularly useful if you prefer the simplicity of leveraging your audience’s existing devices, and in places with a strong Wi-Fi signal.

Sample question types available when using the TurningPoint polling app

The TurningPoint polling app provides the ability for participants to respond to a full range of question types.
Here are just a few of the possibilities.

Multiple choice

This is by far our most popular question type. The simple structure is ideal for a variety of audiences and objectives, while still providing the interactive experiences that participants crave.

Numeric response

This question type opens the range of possibilities during a live session, provides a more robust survey experience and offers a significant advantage over bubble sheets for quizzes and exams.


Our new hotspot question type is only available to participants using the TurningPoint app. It provides the opportunity to interact directly with images and opens the door to deeper learning.

Short answer

Challenge learners with this question type both in the classroom and as part of a pre- or post-class homework assignment. This is a great question type for surveys as well, since it gives respondents more flexibility in sharing their feedback.


These questions are an excellent visual representation of what your participants are thinking. Set it so that the WordCloud changes dynamically while everyone is responding, or wait until you have closed polling to see the final result.

In addition to these question types, you can also incorporate gamification elements – with tools like team assignment, fastest responder and wager slides – or use demographic assignments in order to track responses based on whatever group classifications are most useful to you.

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