PowerPoint Polling: Implementing live polls

TurningPoint’s industry-leading native PowerPoint integration makes crafting engaging, interactive presentations as simple as creating a new slide.


TurningPoint’s PowerPoint polling ensures you get the information you need with a variety of questions types, including multiple choice, numeric response, WordCloud and short answer.


Participants can respond to LIVE PowerPoint voting questions using their own mobile phones, tablets and computers or traditional clickers. Just pick the option that best meets your needs, or let participants decide for themselves.


With live polling in PowerPoint, results show in real time. This is great for getting instant feedback, checking participant knowledge and giving everyone a voice, even in large lecture halls or meetings.

Getting started with PowerPoint polling is easy with TurningPoint!

Steps to create a PowerPoint poll

After downloading TurningPoint web for PowerPoint and setting up a course, click on the PowerPoint ribbon to get started. (Live polling with PowerPoint is also available in TurningPoint desktop. For more information on that, check out our quick start guides.)

TurningPoint web add-in PowerPoint ribbon

Open PowerPoint and follow these steps:

  1. Click New on the TurningPoint ribbon.
  2. Select one of the following question types: Multiple Choice, Short Answer, Word Cloud, Numeric Response or Hotspot
  3. Enter question text in field provided.
  4. Enter answer text in field provided (if applicable).

Adjust question options as necessary. Once you are done adding all of your TurningPoint slides, save your PowerPoint presentation as usual before you begin your live polling session.

TurningPoint web add-in for PowerPoint enter text in slide

Start your PowerPoint polling session

  1. Enable mobile response and/or clicker support on the TurningPoint ribbon (depending on whether your participants are responding using clickers, mobile devices or both)
  2. Start your slide show.
  3. Advance the slide to open/close polling depending on the Polling Options selected during content creation.
  4. At the end of the slide show, click Save from the TurningPoint ribbon.
  5. Rename session if desired.
  6. Select Finish.

Reviewing polling reports

Review participant development, evaluate the effectiveness of individual questions and track participation with TurningPoint reports. All of the data gathered during a live PowerPoint polling session is saved to your TurningPoint account to review whenever you want. Seamless integrations also ensure that instructors can send grades directly to their learning management systems without any hassle.

    1. Click Results from the TurningPoint ribbon.
    2. Select desired course to access results. The TurningPoint web results for the course open in a browser.
    3. Filter by session or student in the left panel.
    4. Click Reports on the top right to view detailed reports.
    5. Additionally, you can click Upload Grades if using an LMS-associated course.
A question being created using TurningPoint's PowerPoint integration

Update your presentation in an instant

Want to update or edit an existing PowerPoint? No need to re-do the entire lecture! Just make changes the same way you would to any PowerPoint presentation.

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