Setting the standard for interactive polling software



Poll within PowerPoint or any presentation

Our range of polling environments provides maximum flexibility and lets you see results in real time.

Deliver interactive PowerPoint presentations

Easily create and ask interactive polling questions with our industry-leading PowerPoint integration.

Instantly poll over any application

Poll over top of web pages, videos, documents or any application using a floating toolbar.

Give self-paced assessments

Deliver assessments, evaluations and surveys that require students to work at their own pace.

Capture responses and keep audience attention

Our response options easily and effectively engage participants.

TurningPoint app

View and respond to interactive questions with your smart phone, tablet or computer


Full-featured device designed to collect even more meaningful data than traditional response clickers


Offers a simple design with clear and concise buttons to make participation easy


Designed for the visually impaired with braille on each button for vibrations and notifications

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