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A complete web-based polling solution


Automatically send results to the web

Create content, conduct polls and manage results entirely online with TurningPoint web while supporting interactive learning both inside and outside the classroom.

Enhance PowerPoint presentations

Our light add-in lets you collect results online while enjoying our industry-leading native PowerPoint integration. A streamlined user interface makes it even easier to create content and poll participants.

Easily poll online

Build and facilitate content online for a completely web-based experience. When polling through your TurningPoint account, questions can be asked online through a computer, tablet or even a smartphone.

Schedule surveys and assessments

Share interactive content at any time without the need for a live polling session. TurningPoint web is the only TurningPoint environment to support homework assignments or large-scale surveys outside of class and meeting times.

Capture and keep audience attention

Our response options easily and effectively engage participants.

TurningPoint app

View and respond to interactive questions with your smart phone, tablet or computer


Full-featured device designed to collect even more meaningful data than traditional response clickers
Turning Technologies RF LCD clicker


Offers a simple design with clear and concise buttons to make participation easy
Accessibility card clickerc


Designed for the visually impaired with braille on each button for vibrations and notifications

Interactive learning starts here

Find out for yourself why millions of people choose TurningPoint to improve events, invigorate meetings and transform learning.