TurningPoint desktop on laptop with mobile app and clickers

Enhance training and audience engagement

TurningPoint interactive polling software turns one-way presentations into two-way interactions. Easily engage all participants, gather immediate feedback and track training effectiveness in useful ways. Choose between a web-based or desktop platform, and collect audience responses with clickers or mobile devices.

What are the benefits of audience response systems?

94 percent circle graphic

of participants found training more engaging1

63 percent circle graphic

of participants felt more motivated2

35 percent circle graphic

increase in training scores3

40 percent circle graphic

more information retained by participants3

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2. Hall, R.H. Collier, H.L., Thomas, M.L. & Hilgers, M.G. (2005). A Student Response System for Increasing Engagement, Motivation and Learning in High Enrollment Lectures. Paper presented at the Eleventh Americas Conference on Information Systems, Omaha, NE.
3. Schackow, E.T., Chavez, M., Loya, L. & Friedman, M. (2004). Audience Response System: Effect on Learning in Family Medical Residents. Family Medicine, 36(7), 496-504.

From small gatherings to multi-site meetings, we have the tools you need

  • Poll within PowerPoint or any presentation
  • Create interactive questions with ease
  • Collect real-time results
  • Run reports for data analysis
  • Schedule large-scale surveys
  • Motivate participants with competitions
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